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Holly Lake Carney


Holly began her career in the film industry over a decade ago as a Development Executive for the Independent Film space working to make a difference through television and film.

Holly oversees planning and execution of a variety of media projects. Assembling exemplary teams to accomplish success for projects in development and pre-production. Including Executive Producer of the motion picture FATIMA and I AM MORTAL.

Holly’s contributions, along with a vast network, entail arranging funding for projects, networking with industry professionals, and identifying new professional opportunities in the creative space for film and television at Go Media, SandDollar Films and Carney Entertainment.



Media Producer for The Goodlife/ Influencer/GlobalView Channels on TikiLiveTV. Carney Entertainment and Sand Dollar Films work in tandem with Go Media.

Holly Carney is highly sought after for her energetic style, broad range network, generating support and vision in the non-profit space over the last 25 years.  With her husband, John Carney, a Pro Bowl kicker and 23 year veteran of the NFL, Holly and John, through their 501c3 Kick Start for Kids, raised over sixty percent of the revenue for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Today Fresh Start has its own wing in the Rady Childrens Hospital in San Diego.


Holly and John have created and supported numerous 501c3’s over the years including Breaking the Walls of Jericho to help teens in crisis, Dinner with the Pros that aided several Catholic Charities in Southern California and The John Carney Foundation aided several Catholic Charities in Southern California, The John Carney Foundation to aid families in need, and God’s Rave which gathered youth groups for the summer months to allow youth ministers a rest and support.


Over two decades, Holly created and wrote curriculum for a variety of elementary school, junior high and high school programs involving athletics and faith formation. Her enthusiasm for creating and teaching transitioned into her passion for producing family friendly films and development for content in film and television.
As an educator, Holly wrote a children's book regarding step-mothers and produced a song to accompany her book. Holly opened her first company to launch an on line store for her children’s book “Wicked Not”, along with apparel and cards for blended families.

Dawn Suchecki

Dawn Headshot.jpg

Dawn brings her creative talents and business acumen as Executive Producer and Marketing Director to Sand Dollar Films. She focuses on developing strategic relationships with equity investors on a global scale. She works closely with the investors, bringing crucial education and insight about motion picture investing to the forefront with a focus on transparency and nurturing a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship for all involved. 

Dawn Suchecki spent 30 years with AFLAC, a leading Fortune 500 insurance company, developing and implementing corporate initiatives, marketing, focused on recruitment, training and leadership growth. Dawn has won multiple national awards and has been recognized as a vital creative partner for both the marketing and sales departments as well as contributing to the overall financial success of the company. 

Tommy Hoang


Tommy Hoang stepped into the Hollywood industry through Business Entertainment for The Walt Disney Company as well as Ascent Media Group. He continued on with financial budgeting, forecasting and consolidations for other high-tech companies such as Brocade Communications.  


Tommy, as former president of the honorary board for the Asian World Film Festival, helped to champion, recognize and unite the Asian and Hollywood film industries, through Cinema. This experience propelled Tommy's career into the art of producing.


Tommy, centrically positioned as business officer, represents a myriad of Hoang Family companies, all of which enter-twine within the Entertainment industry.  Tommy, Chief Entertainment Officer of Kieu Hoang Winery, gears celebrities and consumers alike, to experience an exemplary cache of wines intended for health and wellness. 


As Chief Business Officer of Hummingbird Nest Ranch, a short distance from Los Angeles, Tommy has 


created an environment for the enticement of Hollywood producers, directors, and studios. A myriad of reality shows, episodic T.V. shows and theatrical films are produced at the vast Hummingbird Nest Ranch cinematic location. 


Tommy, as a board member for the Medlock Krieger Celebrity Golf Invitational, is innovative in bringing celebrities together, to make a difference through philanthropy.  


Tommy is entrepreneurial and steadfast in seeking avenues for the entertainment industry to garner success. As an Executive Producer, he brings the “like-minded” together, to make a difference through film and television.  

John Lambert

John Lambert Pic.jpg

John Lambert’s lifelong commitment is to the Motion Picture and Television Industry as a producer with decades of experience as a studio executive and technical production supervisor.  John's expertise

includes developing independent international co-productions, managing production and marketing, along with setting up high profile theatrical productions and getting the shows delivered on time and budget.


John started his career in Hollywood in the early eighties as a cinematographer and visual effects artist working with the major studios.  Several of the films he worked on were nominated for Academy Awards

for best visual effects such as "Star Trek the Motion Picture", "Ghostbusters" and "2010 The Year We Make Contact".  John is a creative and technical innovator with many inventions and processes contributing to

cutting edge camera technology and digital effects that are the Gold standard today. John has worked with some of the greatest directors, artists and producers of the time. He decided to expand his work as a producer and has run highly successful state of the art production, post production and visual effects studios in Hollywood and Vancouver, Canada. John has provided co-production services and co-financing through his collaboration with major Hollywood, UK and Asian studios.


John Lambert brings a wealth of knowledge with front-line on-set production experience for major motion pictures. John has been CEO and a key executive of several major production companies. He brings complex production strategies to the table, insuring the highest creative and technical standards for all Sand Dollar productions.

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