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David Hal Chester is an American screenwriter and short filmmaker based in Tokyo. He writes female-driven dramas, with a strong focus on dysfunctional family dynamics. A Los Angeles native, David’s skills as a songwriter and pianist initially brought him to Japan. He was soon presented with so many creative opportunities, he decided to set down roots. Realizing he wasn't seeing stories that were important to him, he turned to screenwriting and filmmaking.

To date, he has written seven commissioned features, four streaming on either Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Lifetime TV, with three currently in production. His original feature screenplays Tillie and Big Sister have placed multiple times as screenwriting competition finalists. David has also produced, written and/or directed four shorts, most notably The Lesson, which won the Tokyo Film Festival “Grand Prix” and the Torino Film Festival “Best Short Film.”  


David Chester and Blake Pinter have collaborated for years and currently  reside in Tokyo, Japan. Their work has benefitted from Corey Mandell's screenwriting workshops, Roadmap Writers Top Tier Group and mentorship from industry professionals.

Before becoming a screenwriter, David travelled the world as a professional pianist and wrote music and lyrics for over 80 songs recorded by major label American and Japanese pop singers. Blake, who has a Masters in TESOL from Columbia University is currently an English professor at Aoyama Women's Junior College.

David is also a filmmaker and has produced. written and/or directed four short films, most notably "The Lesson", which won the Grand Prix at Rainbow Reel Tokyo and Best Short at the Torino Festival. In addition, he's written eight commissioned feature dramas, currently streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Lifetime TV.

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TILLIE GETZ (12) lives a life of drudgery on a farm with her stepmother, siblings and tyrannical father JACOB (35). Her only joy is school and her beloved teacher MISS MARGARET (25). Margaret recognizes Tillie’s intelligence, and one day gives her the classic novel Ivanhoe.

Tillie is a coming of age adaptation based on the 1904 American Novel "Tillie" a Mennonite Maid by Helen Reimensnyder Martin.  Screenplay by David Chester and Blake Pinter

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