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Human beings are the only species on earth capable of telling stories on behalf of all other species. We crave stories so we can make sense of the world. They remind us of the universal truths about ourselves and about the world we live in. They help shape our perspective. Stories allow us to share our passions, fears, sadness, hardships and joy. They make us feel we belong to something, that we have a shared experience – that we are members of a community with a mutual bond – that we have a connection. 


At Sand Dollar Films we tell stories through movies – movies that engage the senses and allow the audience to lose themselves in the image, the music, the sound - to feel the emotion - the joy, the sorrow, the connection to the characters - to open their minds to brand new experiences.  


The Sand Dollar brand focuses on targeted demographics and identifies characters that are authentic and honest about the world we live in and the issues we face. We look for characters that have unique and idiosyncratic facets to their personalities so that when the audience recognizes themselves, there is an organic alliance, a mutual respect and a desire for continued interaction where they are seen, heard and valued.  


Sand Dollar Films develops and produces films that focus on themes that are hopeful, inspirational and uplifting yet grounded in reality. We choose projects that can instigate social engagement with a call to action. We chose the symbol of the sand dollar because we want our movies to leave an imprint on our audience and, like the legend of the sand dollar, send good will out into the world. 

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