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Kiki Carney, is an actress and writer.  She is best known for I Am Mortal (2021) and The Princess and the Pea.  She is currently a senior at Notre Dame in film studies.  She has been elected to membership in the honor society Phi Betta Kappa through the action of the Notre Dame chapter, Epsilon of Indiana.  It is widely recognized as the most distinguished academic honor society for the liberal arts and sciences. 

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Kiki Carney 2022 


The Princess and The Pea is a heartwarming fairytale that poetically illustrates the dangers of judging of a book by it’s cover. While the Prince desperately searches for his soulmate, the Queen has her own daunting checklist of standards for the future wife of her son, namely that she must be a Princess. 


In the quiet town of Ravello, Italy in the early 19th century, lived a precocious and mischievous young prince, Leonardo. He spent most of his days getting tutored in the morning and getting into trouble in the evening with his two closest friends, Madalena and Franco. After Leonardo’s twenty first birthday, his parents, Queen Isabella and King William, informed him that he needed to soon find a wife and get married. 

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Isabella was especially worried about Leonardo finding an adequate wife, and she despised the fact that he ran around with the commoner, Madalena. So, Isabella sends Leonardo on a long journey with Franco to travel to distant kingdoms and meet young princesses of age. Leonardo can’t stand any of the prospects and comes home outraged, and missing his other best friend, Madalena. Isabella cleverly invites princesses to their kingdom to meet Leonardo, but to her chagrin, imposters begin arriving, pretending to be royalty.

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